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Our services

Robertson & Poole provide construction services across a variety of industries, including commercial construction, civil construction and residential construction. A superb, experienced team combined with full backing from various financial institutions ensures that we are able to take on projects of over R100 million.

Our commercial construction services include everything from shopping centres to office block developments.

We provide a number of civil construction services, including roadworks and concrete hard standings.

From demolitions to structural concrete repairs, we have experience in many areas of renovation and refurbishment.

We have experience in various types of housing as well as construction for the hotel industry.

Commercial construction services

• Retail outlets and shopping centres

• Education facilities

• Sports facilities

• Workshops

• Warehousing and factories

• Office developments

• Multi-storey buildings

• Automotive plants

• Petrol stations

Civil construction services

• Roadworks, bridges and culverts

• Asphalting and parking areas

• Concrete hard standings

• Infrastructure

• Structural concrete

• Specialised foundations and piling

• Commercial swimming pools and sports facilities

• Sports fields

• Retaining structures and gabions

• Underground tanks and reservoirs

Alterations, renovations and refurbishment services

• Demolitions

• Brownfield projects

• Building and civil alternations and additions

• Emergency breakdowns work

• Factory shutdown repairs and maintenance

• Renovations and refurbishments

• Structural concrete repairs

Residential construction services

• Upmarket housing estates

• Multi-storey apartment buildings

• Hotels