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Steel is one of the most sustainable construction materials. It is both cost effective and quick to build. Its strength and durability coupled with its ability to be recycled again and again – without ever losing quality – makes it truly compatible with long term sustainable development.

Many of our civil and building projects incorporate structural steel – from cast-in items and specialised industrial installations, to structural steel frames. Previously, this type of work was outsourced. However, over a period of time, we made a decision to undertake this work in-house. Thus a new division of RP Construction came about – RP Steel.

Our structural steel division specialises in the design, fabrication and erection of steel structures for many sectors of the industry including, but not limited to, agricultural sheds, factories, industrial applications, processing facilities and commercial buildings (shopping centres, schools, community halls, churches, sport facilities etc). We offer a very short turnaround period allowing us to respond quickly to our clients’ needs.

With all the elements of a structural steel building being constructed in-house, RP Steel can offer our clients extremely competitive pricing.